Mar. 7th, 2007

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The down first -- my brother-in-law has been in severe pain ever since he broke his ankle when he was twelve years old. It never healed properly, basically the bone never stopped growing and trying to repair the break, so it's been throwing shards of bone into the surrounding soft tissue. He's had numerous surgeries over the years to go in, clean out as much of the bone fragments as they could to give him some measure of relief from the pain. Each procedure has been more exotic and borderline-experimental than the last, offered less relief for a shorter period of time afterward, and robbed him of more of his mobility.

He's in surgery now, having finally gotten the doctor to agree that amputation is the only option that will give him not only relief from the pain, but also, once he's recovered and has been fit for a prosthetic, a far greater measure of mobility to his life back.

So, I'm asking for prayers and well-wishes for my brother-in-law, that the surgery goes well, that the radiation of the terminus of his bone works, halting this out-of-control growth, and that his recovery is complete and uncomplicated. He's looking at about six weeks recovery before he's healed enough to start the fitting for the prosthetic.

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