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Sometimes when real life jumps up and smacks you around, you have to step back from the 'virtual life' just to process it all. Real life is finally starting to settle a bit, so here's the update.

My sister gave birth to a healthy, beautiful little girl June 27th. My new niece weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces, and measured 20.5 inches. My sister is doing well, too, no complications from the c-section delivery, despite her very strange blood chemistry.

It was very pleasant to have Dad stay with me this past week. He had come up from Florida to help my sister and brother-in-law with the rest of their children, since my sister was in the hospital for a few days post-delivery, and then there are the frequent well-baby checks the first week.

I really missed seeing everyone at Anime Expo this year. The change in my medical coverage, with its insane deductible now ($1200 -- and the procedure I must have every single year that more than meets that) means that I'm more or less out of active cel collecting, which is sad because that is a hobby I enjoy, but it does give me more energy to focus on my friends from the hobby, gushing over their galleries and being an auction cheerleader for them. Anyway, I wished I could have gone to Expo, and owe all of my roommates there a phone call. ^_~

The house seems really empty now. I still catch myself feeling anxious at 8 in the mornings and evenings -- the time that for the past eight years I would give Gus his insulin injections. Whenever I push my chair away from my computer, I'm wary because Gus used to lie down on the floor behind my chair and I'd inadvertantly threaten him with the chair's casters. I keep expecting his semi-cranky "Hey! I'm sleepin' here!" meow and it doesn't come, anymore.

On the plus side of things, I'm finally able to listen to music, again. I still tear up because I do miss Gus fiercely, and I'm in that not-nice place of second-guessing all my decisions with him and feeling guilty, but it's a tiny step toward wholeness again. Small stirrings of wanting to write, draw, and paint have started up again, too.

My birthday managed to sneak under the radar of quite a few people this year. *grin* I announced on the ROSE game forum that I was going to 'free-craft' (make in-game items for free with my Dealer's crafting skill) in honor of my birthday, and wound up having people throw me a 'party' instead, which introduced me to many new friends in-game. Some crazy ones built a zulie tower (zulie is the money in the game, when you drop it a treasure chest appears. If you keep dropping 1 zulie chests, they stack up on each other) and, in a weird, but fun game glitch, you can build around an NPC and lift him up into the air on the tower. Warren, the village chief in Zant, wound up at the top of a tower that was by scale, about 80 feet tall. They tried to dump him on the roof of the building behind him, but it didn't work.

Lancealot, one of my long-standing, wonderful game friends, threw a fireworks party for me, and then gave me 4 of the hard-to-find level 100 Dealer skill books as a birthday gift. ^_^ I can't wait until I'm high enough level to use them.

So...I think my hermit-mode is starting to lift. I might still retreat once in a while, for a day or two, but not for long. It is going to be a long while before I'm strong enough to consider finding a new cat companion (I like raising my cats from kittens, and my life isn't as good for kittens now since I'm at work 8 hours a day -- I don't want the poor little guy to be lonely!) if ever, but...

I might get a new betta fish. Hotohori was a cool fishie-friend, and while I was sad when he died, it wasn't as devastating. My sister is suggesting that I name a new fish 'Sushi'.

(I'm hoping to find a purple one I can call 'Mahaad', or a red one I can call 'Suzaku'. If I'm lucky enough to find a black-and-red one, it might be 'Himself'. I doubt I can find a betta fish wearing either a low-brimmed traveller's hat or a swishy cape, so I think D and Alucard are safe. *wickedgrin*)
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