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I've been playing the PSP version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the unlockable game on Castlevania Chronicles. It's fun, because there are some subtle differences from both the PS1 English version, and the PS1 Japanese version I've played before. I'm balanced between liking both english dubs (the first one for the PS1 was admittedly a bit over-acted, but I like it anyway) and of course, I adore the Japanese vocal track (Ryotaro Okiayu is the best Alucard). They've added Fairy (so there are now two -- Faerie and Fairy) and N. Demon (for Nose Demon) they were in one of the Japanese versions of Castlevania. There are a few other changes to more or less make this version the best intersection of the elements of all the versions from the different game platforms. Castlevania:SOTN is one of my all-time favorite games, and I'm quite pleased with this PSP version.

The second Fairy has this nifty thing she does once she's high enough level -- there are a few places in the game where Alucard can interact with the background elements enough to sit down in a chair. If he sits for long enough, he nods off (little Z's stream from his head -- it's terribly cute!) Also, if he stops for long enough, either of the fairies will alight on his shoulder (it's funny when you move again, as the fairy in question will scream and fall toward the ground before catching herself and starting to fly again). So, if Alucard sits in a chair long enough to fall asleep, and he has Fairy at a high enough level, she sings to him. This happened in one of the Japanese versions of the game.

She sings this:


megami wa eien no shiawase no naka de
nageki tsuzukete wa utau NOKUTAAN

ai wa owaru inochi mo tsukiru, sore nara
onaji toki ni ito wo kitte

kamigami no kawaki ga umi no oto wo keshi
muku na ookami wa kodoku ni taeru

yume wa sameru yoru mo akeru, sono mae ni
chigau basho ni hari wo mukete

(Which I have found translated into english:)

The goddess is in Eternal happiness
My continuing sorrow Is the nocturne I sing

Love Ends Life also runs out, If that happens
At the same Time Cut the thread

The thirst of the gods Makes the sound of the ocean disappear
The innocent wolf Endures in loneliness

Dreams Awaken Dawn also breaks, Before that
To a different Place The needle points

This entire song was rewritten and sung for the new PSP version. I think they got the same voice actress who does the new vocal tracks ("I am with you, Alucard!" she says when you first summon her) to sing the song. It's the same music as the Japanese version, which is kind of neat. I've been trying to find the lyrics for this new english version online, to no avail. I listened over and over to get this much of is. The words I am not sure of are between slashes. Perhaps, if I listen again at a different time, the syllables that aren't quite clear to me today will be easier to understand, and I'll know for sure what she's singing.

Nocturne (English Version)

Here the goddess of happiness cries
And in this time this lullaby
Sings her song of the dream she has
The sadness fills her eyes

And if all
Love is gone
No more dreams to dream about /so light the star/
If it's sung
Cut the thread
It's time to let it go

Tears they flow to the thirst of the gods
The oceans' roars drowned out my /prayer/
Blame this wolf carries all alone
The silence now surrounds

Sooner than /dreaming has/
Morning of the dawn will bring another day
Turn around
You have found
A different place to dream
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