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Feb. 4th, 2009 08:49 am
kmktr: (Chaos)
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Borrowed from [ profile] lucidscreamer. Using the initial for your first name, answer the following questions:

1. What is your name? Working with the initial 'K' (Bonus! Bringing you a semi-nautical theme, too. Arrrgh!)
2. A four letter word: Keen
3. A boy's name: Kelvin
4. A girl's name: Kara
5. An occupation: Knight (What? It doesn't say it has to be something contemporary.)
6. A color: Kelly Green (better than 'khaki' *blech*)
7. Something you wear: Kirtle
8. A food: Kabob
9. Something found in the bathroom: Kraken (well, not the average bathroom...)
10. A place: Kyoto
11. A reason for being late: Kraken-wrangling (in the shower -- in the morning -- don't ask!)
12. Something you shout: 'Keelhaul him!' (Okay, okay... more gently, 'King me!')
13. A movie title: Karate Kid
14. Something you drink: Kool-aid
15. A musical group: Kraftwerk
16. An animal: Komodo Dragon
17. A street name: Kingfisher Lane
18. A type of car: Khamsin (Maserati)
19. A song title: Kyrie
20. A verb: Kedge

So... So we have kelly green kirtle-wearing pirate siblings, Kara and Kelvin, who are shipping Khamsins and Komodo dragons to Kyoto where they will have to kedge their ship after keelhauling a krewemember (bonus 'k') for leaving hoofprints all over the deck in his 'keen'ness to be a knight. They are in such a foul mood today because they were not only late for their job of being mean pirate co-captains, but the kraken in their bathroom got completely out of hand and *gasp* squeezed the toothpaste from the close end and didn't flatten the tube as he went. It didn't help their moods at all that they missed their alarm (which runs on a special version of a water-clock, using Kool-aid) because they were up late the night before noshing on kabobs and watching Karate Kid researching Japan. (Obviously, our illogical pirates aren't very bright.) As techno-music from Kraftwerk (Kelvin's favorite group) starts to play on the ship's speakers, Kara thinks longingly of her little house on Kingfisher Lane where she likes to play the song Kyrie and sing to it. Off-key. Badly.
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