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My heart thudded when I read the headline. Dick Francis' novels are amazing mysteries that helped me to realize that sometimes, subtle is better when shaping a character. His characters have always struck a very 'real' chord for me -- believable and, even though I tend to write more fantasy stories, I try to find that, too. What makes it all that much more extraordinary is that he managed this in first person, giving us insight into his main characters' thoughts without 'Stu-ifying' them.

He was a favorite author of my mom's -- now I can't recall which of us discovered him first and shared with the other. I recall going with my mom to a bookstore in D.C. where Mr. Francis was holding a book signing for his latest novel, I think it was Longshot. We were among the last of the people in line, and he was tired -- but he perked up when my mom presented her book for his signature. You see, she had picked it up while on a trip to England, and the cover art and even the size of the book was different and he could tell immediately. There are some smiles you get a chance to see that you'll never forget -- and Dick Francis' smile at my mom was one of those.


Rest in peace, dear sir.

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=C I'm sorry... It's always hard to lose someone we admire.


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HUGS. He was one of the great ones.


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