Jan. 6th, 2007

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It's going to be based on the game story-line only.  I want to avoid the confusion of trying to make the story canon with Advent Children and Dirge of Cerebus, so this is an AU (from those canons, but designed to agree with the story) set a year or so after Meteor.  

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As for real-life -- same old stuff, different year. The computer at work went belly-up Wednesday (again, I swear that place *eats* computer brains -- my workplace is a zombie? Makes sense in a weird way...) with what I'm pretty sure is a physical flaw on one of the disks of the C drive itself -- right where a critical part of Windows had been written. I was able to go in through DOS and grab off all my writing (I get a lot of writing done during lunch sometimes) so the drive still functions, it's just Windows that's kafluey. Still, the scandisk wouldn't proceed past 6% after about an hour, so perhaps it's best my boss replaced the whole thing.
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In fun news, I am looking forward to attending an Eric Stuart concert in New York in March and hopefully meeting one of my Myspace friends. *waves to Naomi* With any luck, I'll be able to start the restoration/transformation of MITHRIL (my car) this year, too. Of course, that's only if the mechanics can track down why the power steering keeps going out on the Cadillac, first. MITHRIL might look like something a very sick cat dragged in (metallic grey paint job flaking off all over the place, and rust on the bottom of the doors) but he's reliable. I'd huggle my car if I could. Four more years and I can get classic tags for him! ^_^
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