Nov. 28th, 2008

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--He (or she) is one of a multitude. A friend of mine once described how she envisioned my writing process. There is a vast, circular area surrounded by little rooms, each one of which has a door opening into this central area. Each room is designated for a muse, but they'd rather be milling about in the center, chatting, drinking wine, coffee, or other, and mingling like it's a giant party. She figured this is why I tend to write so many crossovers in my fanfiction. This idea (as does the second one below) does explain my currently rather undisciplined approach to writing, so I call it my Musetorium.

--He (or she) will sit and listen patiently while I explain how I want the story to go (via outline). The more honest ones will pat me on the head halfway through the outline presentation and tell me straight out we aren't doing that. The more violent ones shred my outlines with swords. The more sadistic of my muses will allow me to start writing according to said outline, lull me into complacency that for once I will get to actually write a story according to plan, and then veer off into parts unknown while I scream in frustration.

--He (or she) is in the back of my head much of the time snarking at my own, or other's writing. Since when did my muse(s) decide they were writing critics?

--He is Seto Kaiba. Just sayin'! (He knows I don't like him. He knows that it took his voice actor being an incredibly nice person to make me stop loathing him completely, and develop any sort of tolerance for his mere presence. He knows that Mahaad is my favorite character. He knows that I have zero use for him, zero tolerance for arrogant people, and no interest in his self-importance. He still hangs around and gives me ideas of stories to write for him. Grr!)

--He is Dracula. Just sayin'! #2. (He knows he is the number one evil bad villain who scared the daylights out of me when I was younger, and the only reason I even tolerate vampires now is his incredibly hot, surrepticiously caring, awesome half-human sons D and Alucard. Yet, he has still moved into my Musetorium, coffin and all, and thinks he is the Plot King. Auuuurgh!)

--He is the Magician of Black Chaos. Just sayin'! #3. (He knows what he does to my hormones, and he delights in percolating them even more than he does when he is in his Mahaad or Dark Magician guise. He also knows that Mary Sue stories will never see the light of day, yet he wants me to write them. *headdesk*)


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